What do I need to sell my car?

One of the big questions Russ is always asked is what is needed to sell your car.

V5 Vehicle Logbook With Car Key On Top
Side View of White Range Rover

One of the big questions Russ is always asked is what is needed to sell your car. This can be confusing as a lot of different companies use different parameters. Here at We Buy Your Car Sheffield we can be slightly more flexible than others as we are a small local business and can look at each individual scenario to make an informed decision. So if you are missing any of the following documentation then get in touch. Russ has had some very different scenarios and situations where we have managed to purchase the car. Russ is also happy to offer any advice if we can’t buy the car so please give him a call.

To make everything run nice and smoothly these are the documents you will need to sell your car.

  • V5C Document or Log Book – This is really this most important as it is very hard to sell a car without this document. If you have lost it or don’t have one you can apply here.
  • ID – Yes we will need to see some form of ID either a driving licence or passport. This is to check the name matches the V5 and your chosen bank account. This is ensures we are paying the right person the money for the car.
  • Service History – Now we know not every car has it and some maybe only part but we will need to see the history your car has. This can be in form of receipts or a service book. We do have access to some of the online systems in the office so in some circumstances can access this for you.
  • MOT – Again we are aware these may be long or short or may not even have one. Don’t worry if you have lost these though as you can access old MOT’s online now with just the registration number.
  • Finance Settlement – If your car is free of finance then this does not apply to you however if your car has outstanding finance this would need to be settled and yes we can do this for you. However the best thing to do is get a Settlement Letter from your finance company. This will have a number of things on that we need to see. The amount you owe, the bank details for us to be able to pay the settlement and also a date the figure needs to be paid by. Without it we can’t settle your finance on your behalf.
  • Keys – If your car has a spare key don’t forget to to dig it out. If your car only has one key then this may affect the price slightly but don’t worry to much as it won’t be a large amount.