Is there a transaction fee?

NO! Absolutely not. We believe there should not be a charge to sell your car. We believe companies use a transaction fee purely to make extra money, and those aren’t our values.

Is there a cost for a quote?

No! There is no charge for anything we do when buying a car. Essentially, if your description is accurate, the price Russ gives you will be the one you receive!

What if I have a private registration?

This isn’t a problem at all – we can handle all the paperwork for you. A fee must be paid to the DVLA to remove your current plate. If you’re able to remove the private registration and obtain the log book back from the DVLA before Russ comes to inspect the car, your car can be sold as standard. However if you need help with your paperwork, haven’t removed your private plate or received the V5 back from the DVLA, we can help.

The car can still be sold on the same day and driven away. Russ will however hold back £500 until the V5 is produced. This is because the document is so important when selling and can cause real problems if this is not passed on to him. Once you have received the paperwork and forwarded it on to us, the £500 will be instantly transferred to your account. This will all be documented on your invoice.

Remove a private plate online here.

How long our quotes valid for?

Quotes are valid for 7 days unlike many other buying services that offer only 4 days. However if Russ can honour a price longer than 7 days then he will!!