Guide to electric cars

First and foremost here at We Buy Your Car Sheffield we will buy all different types of electric cars or hybrid cars. If you are looking to sell then please don’t hesitate to fill out the form.

So the big question everyone keeps asking when looking to change their car is ‘Do I buy Electric?

As we all know the government is now pushing for people to look into electric cars but it is really is about one question. Is an electric car is right for you? Depending on your needs and also a number of other thing only certain people will suit having an electric car.

For me at the moment it wouldn’t work. Firstly I don’t have a driveway so would struggle to charge at home as the wires would have to cross the pedestrian public path. Secondly I do cover some miles and I really don’t think the government has got the infrastructure there to really cope with an increase of electric cars on the road.

But we can’t get away from the governments target of getting rid of new diesel and petrol cars registered in the UK from 2030 and there is now an estimated 460’000 zero emission Battery Electric Vehicles in the UK (Source – RAC). So what are the different types?

Types of Vehicles

However for a number of drivers they are perfect what they need so what are the different types of Electric and plug in Vehicles.

  • Electric Vehicle or EV
  • Battery Electric Vehicle or BEV
  • Hybrid or HEV
  • Plug-in Hybrid or PHEV
  • Range Extended Electric Vehicle or RE-EV
  • Mild Electric Vehicle or MHEV
  • Hydrogen Vehicle or FCEV