Selling your car on finance – Russ makes it easy!!

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In the twelve months leading to February 2020, more than two million cars were bought using finance by consumers in the United Kingdom (UK). The large majority of them (1.34 million) were used cars (

It is obviously not uncommon for cars to have finance attached to them. Russ makes it super easy to sell your car even if finance is outstanding. All he needs us an up to date settlement letter so he can pay the finance settlement direct to the finance company in full before the car is taken away. Any remaining balance owed to you is then transferred via immediate bank transfer. If however the finance settlement is more than the value of your car the negative equity balance would need to be transferred to us before the finance is settled.

What Russ does guarantee is the finance is settled immediately and not in 3 days time like some of the other buying services!!

Let Russ sort it!!