Now here are We Buy Your Car Sheffield, ¬†we know that selling your car privately you can sometimes get more money for your car than part exchanging or selling to companies like ourselves…. We have therefore put together some tips together for if you are trying to sell you car privately…


Tips for a smooth car sale


The price of your car….

  • Make sure you price you car reasonably and cheaper than car dealers.
  • Price check on various websites such as Autotrader and Ebay


  • Make sure you settle any finance you owe on the car,you can’t sell a car with outstanding finance


  • Make sure you are honest about your car and don’t make false statements… nobody likes to be mislead.
  • Don’t be cheesy with your advert…First to see will buy etc


  • Make sure you describe all the key facts accurately such as owners, length of MOT, service history etc.
  • Try and point out key selling features
  • Encourage people to do a HPI check to prove your car is legit.


  • Nobody likes to be misinformed about the condition of a car…be honest.
  • If there is mechanical damage etc…tell them….be honest!!
  • If there is an issue with a car make sure its discussed and put on an invoice (signed) at point of sale.


  • Make sure you have all relevant documents such as MOT certificates and Service history
  • Keep the originals until the car is sold….don’t print or email copies of the documents

The main point is to be vigilant and careful with who you deal with. We buy cars from a growing number of people who feel more secure and safe dealing with a reputable company like ourselves. Don’t let them drive away with your car until you have cash in hand or money deposited into your bank account. Try and make sure that there are 2 of you showing the car…there has been a number of cars stolen on test drives recently.


If you would like any advice then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.