Now here are We Buy Your Car Sheffield,  we know that selling your car privately you can sometimes get more money for your car than part exchanging or selling to companies like ourselves…. We have therefore put together some tips together for if you are trying to sell you car privately…


Tips for a smooth car sale


The price of your car….

  • Make sure you price you car reasonably and cheaper than car dealers.
  • Price check on various websites such as Autotrader and Ebay


  • Make sure you settle any finance you owe on the car,you can’t sell a car with outstanding finance


  • Make sure you are honest about your car and don’t make false statements… nobody likes to be mislead.
  • Don’t be cheesy with your advert…First to see will buy etc


  • Make sure you describe all the key facts accurately such as owners, length of MOT, service history etc.
  • Try and point out key selling features
  • Encourage people to do a HPI check to prove your car is legit.


  • Nobody likes to be misinformed about the condition of a car…be honest.
  • If there is mechanical damage etc…tell them….be honest!!
  • If there is an issue with a car make sure its discussed and put on an invoice (signed) at point of sale.


  • Make sure you have all relevant documents such as MOT certificates and Service history
  • Keep the originals until the car is sold….don’t print or email copies of the documents

The main point is to be vigilant and careful with who you deal with. We buy cars from a growing number of people who feel more secure and safe dealing with a reputable company like ourselves. Don’t let them drive away with your car until you have cash in hand or money deposited into your bank account. Try and make sure that there are 2 of you showing the car…there has been a number of cars stolen on test drives recently.


If you would like any advice then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Good evening,

We had a very interesting experience at on monday which we would like to share with you. We had a valuation request from a chap looking to sell his car in Sheffield over last weekend. We emailed a valuation which he was happy with and so he made an appointment to drop his car off with us.

He owned a 9 year old Range Rover Sport which had done ’59 000 Miles’.

On looking over his car it was quite evident the car had done more miles than this. With the customer having no service history and no previous MOT’s for the car alarm bells started to ring.

A quick check on the DVLA website showed us the car had in fact done just short of 300,000 miles!!!!

Be warned..make sure you check previous MOT’s when purchasing a used car. You can do this by checking the DVLA government website (link below).

If you would like any advice then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.



Today is a special day for We Buy Your Car Sheffield. We have finally to taken the decision to embrace social media so customer can interact with us and give feedback on our service….which is always good :)

We now have a Facebook page and a Google Plus so if you have any questions regarding selling your car then please like/follow us and get in touch.

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If you intent to sell your car privately then ist worth being aware of the potential dangers. In recent weeks there have been a number of thefts with most recent one happening near Birmingham.

The victim was selling his car which was an Audi A5 which had advertised online. Two men who went to look at the car kidnapped the man at knifepoint before later releasing him but after stealing his car….see below a link to the full story.

News story – Car Seller kidnapped at Knifepoint

Be aware…and if you want to take the risk away then please contact us for immediate quote on your car.



The Buying Team

We Buy Your Car Sheffield


Sell my car finance


In theory you cant legally sell your car with finance still remaining on the vehicle. In order to sell your car with existing finance, either yourself or a third party will have to pay off the outstanding balance on the car.

In the first instance you should get a settlement figure prior to selling your car and then if you have the spare cash you can pay the figure off which will give you full ownership of the car.

Alternatively We Buy Your Car Sheffield are happy to pay off outstanding finance on your behalf…depending on the value of your car and what you are outstanding, you might end up with a nice sum of cash after paying of your finance.

Fell free to give us a call to talk through options available to you.


The Buying Team

We Buy Your Car Sheffield

sell your car sheffield tax disk


As you are probably aware the car tax rules changed last September with the DVLA introducing a change where you do not need to present a paper disk on the your cars windscreen.

Since then thousands of motorists have been caught out with their cars being towed away with over 100000 cars likely to be clamped in 2015.

Whilst most car drivers know now that tax disks are not required, whats catching people out is that the vehicle excercise duty is cancelled when there is a change of ownership on the paperwork even though the car might still be displaying a valid paper tax disk in the windscreen.

If you are planning to sell your car in Sheffield or South Yorkshire than feel free to call us for any advise regarding car tax and change of ownership.


The Team

We Buy Your Car Sheffield

Sell Your Car Sheffield


Most of our car valuations are online and the majority of cars we purchase are collected from our customers at there home addresses around Sheffield

However, we have a ‘Valuation Station’ set up at Chris Denton Cars on Bramall Lane, Sheffield where customers are welcome to come down for a Free no obligation quote on their car.

All customers need to do is make an appointment on our website or call us. Remember that we buy any car worth over £500 and have no extra ‘transaction fees’ or hidden costs. We are local from Sheffield, not a big PLC so have the confidence to sell your car with total peace of mind.

The buying Team
We Buy Your Car Sheffield



This is a very special day for the team at We Buy Your Car Sheffield…..our very first advert in local magazine “Westside”.

Have a look at our advert on Page 70 and make sure you get in touch if you would like a valuation on your car….remember we are happy to visit your at home if you would prefer.

We Buy Your Car Advert

The Team

We Buy Your Car Sheffield



At we have some great news….the DVLA have announced that from 8th June the photocard licence counterpart part of your driving licence will not be valid and will not be issued by them.

That mean no more looking around your house, in files etc to find it when/if you need to produce it….when the DVLA stops issuing them on 8the July you can destroy yours. Make sure you keep your photo card though!!


For more information, visit the website below.


Posted by the team at We Buy Your Car Sheffield – if you are looking to sell your car in the sheffield area then get in touch.






We buy your car tax disk

At We Buy Your Car Sheffield we have recently been asked questions regarding the new laws re taxing cars. You will be glad to hear that from October 1st this year, you do not have to show the normal paper disks within you car windscreen…unfortunately, you will still need to pay for your car tax which will all be held on central database which the DVLA and Police will have access toand can fine you up to £1000 should you not have it.

Please see below a link to the government website where you can renew your tax –

If you are selling your car then you don’t need to worry about anything. As soon as the V5C have been received by the DVLA informing them of a change of owner, they will automatically refund the outstanding amount.

If you are selling your car and you would like any advice on the ins and outs of the new laws then please give us a call.


Advice is from the buying team at We Will Buy Your Car Sheffield.